Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I haven’t decided on a college yet. How should I proceed?

A: Please provide the requested information for each of the schools under consideration, including the Tuition Worksheet. You may inform us by email of your decision in early April.

Q: Is it possible to find out if I am a recipient of a grant before May 1st?

A: No. The Review Panel will not have met by that time. Letters will be mailed by June 10.

Q: What if my plans change?

A: You should notify the administrator immediately of any change in institution or dates, which will have to be approved by the Review Panel. Most college/camp decisions must be made by May 1 and this would be the appropriate time to notify MPLF so that checks can be written correctly.

Q: May I email my work sample?

A: It must be presented with the application in the form that is specified for your discipline. Some disciplines requirements require a link to be uploaded to YouTube, some require hard copies. Please read the instructions carefully and if you have any questions about the requirements you may email the administrator.

Q: What digital formats are acceptable for the work sample?

A: The Individual Requirements document outlines the work sample format for each discipline.

Q: Will I be disqualified if my reference letters are late?

A: It is your responsibility to make the request far enough in advance so that they may arrive by the deadline (preferably as part of your application packets.) Lack of the proper reference letters may be a deciding factor between two equally qualified applicants.

Q: When are character references required?

A: Unless you received a grant during the previous year, you are required to submit two character references in addition to two references regarding our talent and ability.

Q: Is financial need a factor?

A: No. The most important aspect of your application is talent and your commitment to the arts as a career choice, displayed through your work sample and professional references.

Q: My college charges a fee for each transcript. May I print my grades from the college website?

A: No. A single official college transcript from the college registrar must be included in the application packet.  High school students should not provide a transcript.